Our Cost Management services cover the whole life cycle of a project from initial planning phase towards measuring the actual cost performance and project completion. Thus, we ensure that a project remains within budget while meeting its scope, quality and performance requirements.

Our Cost Management services during pre-construction stage include;

  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Preliminary Cost Advice
  • Development Appraisal
  • Lifecycle Costing
  • Cost Planning and Budget Establishment

Further, we provide following Cost Management services during post construction stage, in compliance with the latest commercial guidelines published by relevant professional bodies.

  • Review/Prepare Application for Payment Certificate
  • Evaluate/Prepare Variations
  • Assess Provisional Sums, Prime Cost Sums and Day-Works
  • Prepare Cost vs Value Reconciliation
  • Prepare/Review Final account

Our Commercial Management aspects are catered for pro-active approach and utilises established systems for monitoring and controlling those commercial aspects. Our approach provides our clients with an early warning and allows commercial decisions to be made quickly, allows us to detect potential risks, changes and claims, hence we can pre-evaluate consequences of such occurrences and provide information to the client to make informed decisions.

Our Commercial Management services include;

  • Setup a robust commercial management procedure
  • Forecasting Cash flows
  • Establishing Reporting Protocols
  • Regular Dashboard Reporting
  • Formal Monthly Cost Reports

In essence, we provide a complete Construction Cost & Commercial Management solution, to ensure the project is successfully managed and delivered.