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Oracle Consultants is a highly qualified firm providing commercial and contract management consultancy services for the building and infrastructure construction projects in Middle East region, Australia and Sri Lanka. Oracle Consultants is equipped with first class resources, state of art technology, highest standard of policy & procedures and vast experience required to deliver variety of commercial and contract management services for developments in diverse regions. Oracle Consultants is one of the handful of companies in the Middle East region regulated by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, UK). We are also licenced practitioners recognised by CIArb (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK), AIQS (Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Australia), and IQSSL (Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka)

Our team comprises of specialists from each sector to match client requirements and projects. Our team is led by Susantha Ganehiarachchi, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, a highly qualified and experienced Contract Manager and Commercial Manager having, L.L.M. (Contract Law & Arbitration), B.Sc.(QS), FAIQS(Aus). MCIArb(UK), AIQS(SL),. All the team members have extensive and versatile experience in delivery of buildings and infrastructure developments. They have contributed their invaluable expertise to successfully deliver numerous high profile developments across the world. We have included a long list of the projects our team has worked on in different parts of the world. The proactive experience gained through successful delivery of variety of projects in different regions has enabled us to offer proven solutions to effectively manage rick while safeguarding value of your project.

ACT PRO & Business Services was started by childhood friends Ahmed Al Suwaidi, member of the influential Al Suwaidi family of Sharjah, and Michael Samuel, British national born and raised in the Emirates. Originally established 10 years ago, their expansion was a result of the lack of professional and elite Government-Administration service providers in the country. Filling in the role of a focused and intelligent partner, ACT emerged as a support system for Dubai business setups concerned with matters relating to governmental procedures in the UAE and currently supports more than 150 established companies in UAE.

CEO, Oracle Consultants

Our commercial and contract management consultancy services are greatly benefitted from the vast amount of knowledge gathered among our team members in terms of experience, resources, and benchmarked data.

Following are key attributes we focus on project delivery:

  • Ensuring project commercial feasibility and contractual viability
  • Global reach - local delivery and specialist sector knowledge
  • Recent and reliable Middle East market data and benchmarks
  • Tried and tested project delivery team

Commercial Feasibility and Contractual Viability

At the core of any project success is a commercially feasible and contractually viable decision. As a commercial and contract management company, we understand the importance and implications of these commercially feasible and contractually viable decisions and are in a position where we can help you to make the correct decisions. The information to make these decisions will either be calculated from first principles or will be produced utilising previous recent project experience.

We are very proud to report that even through the current global economic downturn we have been able to work with speculative buildings and infrastructure developers and made their projects financially feasible and contractually viable. This has been achieved through proactive and effective cost management techniques, which are distilled in all of our cost management teams, and, contract management strategies, which are developed over the years of structured training and practice.

Specialized Trade Knowledge in Diverse Regions

We have the added advantage of our experience gained in the Middle East region, Australia and Sri Lanka. We are able to rely on in-house experts on quantity surveying & commercial management, contract management and other specialists’ services whenever necessary. This added benefit means that we safeguard client’s interests in all possible means. In house we like to call it as a foolproof service.

Reliable and up-to-date Benchmarked data

As commercial and Contract Managers our day to day practice largely relied upon local and foreign market intelligence. We are proud to say that our knowledge management platform enabled us to gather most recent and reliable cost data with respect to current market rates, building cost inflation, tender price inflation and competitive material sourcing. Also our team is up to date with ever changing contract management knowledge, techniques and tools as well as local rules, regulations and laws. This information allows us to stay step ahead of our competitors in the market.

Our success in the recently completed and ongoing projects will bear witness to our understanding on the importance of cost information and contractual background.

Our Services are Project Specific and Client Oriented

Our service attitude towards clients is versatile and we carefully select our teams for each project. We organize our service around the client’s requirement to accommodate more flexibility. We select our teams based on not only their experience but also their interpersonal skills, ability to adjust and proactive attitude. And, we always encourage involving in the whole life cycle of the project, from inception to maintenance.

Professional Memberships of Oracle Consultants & the Team

We are one of the few cost consultancy firms to be regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Oracle Consultants are also corporate members of Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka.

Oracle Consultants ensure that all our key individuals are accredited by the best professional bodies in the industry. They are accredited by Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and/or Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and/or Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka and/or Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. This demonstrates our commitment to the highest industry standards, and always operating in a professional and ethical manner.