Oracle Consultants have process and procedures in place from inception to completion which have proven track record.

We ensure that clients are well informed during the design, procurement, construction and handing over phases to enable efficient and effective decision-making process. Further we ensure that client’s best interests are safeguarded throughout the lifecycle of a project or specific service provision.

We will utilise our established and modern management systems which consist of standard templates and procedures for all the services provided.

Our service solutions include but not limited to quantity surveying & commercial management, contract management, claims management & dispute resolution, change management, procurement management and value management, which can be rendered to clients from inception to completion of their projects.

Quantity Surveying Services

We treat Quantity Surveying Service as a continuous process, which is not only carried out at the key milestones but also during the whole lifecycle.

We can provide quantity surveying service during pre-construction and post construction stages. We will ensure client’s budgetary milestones are set on realistic terms and achieved through vigorous management procedures.

Pre-Construction Stage:

Our services during pre-construction stage include;

  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Development Appraisals
  • Establishing realistic cost limits including cost targets.
  • Procurement Advices
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities
  • Tender Documentation
  • Tendering and Tender Evaluations
  • Educating the client and client’s representative on their role in commercial management process.
  • Understanding the project goals.
  • Establishing reporting protocols.
  • Establishing a thorough understanding of the design and project components.

Construction and Defects Liability Stage:

We understand that clients are looking for a pro-active approach to commercial management aspects and established systems for monitoring and controlling those commercial aspects.

Our approach provides our clients with an early warning and allows commercial decisions to be made quickly. Our services include;

  • Establishing realistic cost limits including cost targets.
  • Setup a robust commercial management procedure.
  • Educating the client and client’s representative on their role in cost commercial management process.
  • Maintaining and reporting on cost plan.
  • Establishing reporting protocols.
Our Early Warning System, allows us to detect potential risks, changes and claims, hence we can pre-evaluate consequences of such occurrences and provide information to client to make informed decisions.

As part of our commercial reporting we will carry out scheduled and irregular cost reporting to clients, which include:

  • Regular dashboard reporting on a monthly basis;
  • Formal monthly cost reports;
  • Continual analysis of risks against team risk identification template;
  • Variation tracking register with estimated and agreed cost reporting;
  • Insurance log with dates of renewal of policies;
  • Collateral warranty register;
  • Update the risk register;
  • Final account forecast updates;
  • Interim payment register scheduling out all payment;
  • Continual analysis of design deviations from contract design throughout the project cycle;
  • Claims advise including likely cost impacts.

General Management Post Contract :

Further, aside from above we also extend the following traditional post contract commercial services, in compliance with latest commercial Guidelines published by relevant professional bodies.

  • Reviewing applications for payments.
  • Monitoring and re-evaluating amounts claimed against the contractor’s cash flow forecasts.
  • Advise Clients and recommend action accordingly.
  • Advising on the maintenance of Insurances and bonds.
In essence, we provide a complete cost and commercial management solution, to ensure the project is successfully managed and delivered.

Contract Management

Oracle Consultants offers a comprehensive range of contract management services that capture the entire project life cycle, from inception to maintenance.

Our services include;

  • Provide strategic procurement advices to Clients
  • Support Client's decision making by providing advice on relevant Contractual aspects
  • Prepare Tender Documents
  • Manage Pre-Qualification of Tenderers
  • Management of tendering process
  • Manage tender evaluation and compile tender evaluation report to the client including strategic advice to the client for selecting potential contractors and Consultants.
  • Managing the contract negotiation and prepare contract documents
  • Establish contract management procedure and reporting system
  • Regular monitor and report of contractual aspects of the project and provide recommended actions
  • Advice on contractual consequences of variation, claim, risks, value engineering etc.

Change Management

During the post contract phase of the project, we incorporate a pro-active system of management and reporting in relation to variations against the agreed budget.

All potential and agreed variations will be included and illustrated on our proposed variation register and summarised within our monthly dashboard report and detailed fully, in our monthly cost report.

Through our regular and continual analysis of design deviations and pro-active change management procedures, Clients will benefit from an expedited final account and fewer unresolved cost issues, at the end of the project.

We strive to close out all final accounts prior to the project completion and anticipate our role into the defects liability period will be limited to final negotiation for a period of a month after taking-over certificate and our role at the end of defects in project close out.

Claims Management & Dispute Resolution

Similarly to our early warning system for reporting on anticipated costs for changes to the design, we adopt a similar early warning system to manage any potential claims.

Claims in construction contracts should not occur as a result of instructing changes unless they are significant. Claims management should therefore be a process of simply ensuring that no instructions are given without understanding the time and cost implications.

Our processes and procedures are coherent part of our services and they interlink the management systems to promote collective decision making ability.

Also, Oracle Consultants is specialised in providing professional services for construction related dispute resolution. We have employed professionally qualified and trained staff to act as facilitator, mediator, arbitrator, or adjudicator in the Middle East region.

Value Management

We advise our clients on maximising the value for money throughout the life cycle of the project. Our value management approach is focused on the whole life cycle of the project.

We ensure the client and client representative creates a design, which achieves the required functionality, architecture, and structure for the best possible value. And, we put in place a monitoring and controlling mechanism to ensure the value is maintained thought the project.